About Us

 Unconventional Beginnings

The anxiety of meeting your new roommate can be at an all time high at a new college. When this city slick chic met her new BFF by the slang introduction of, ” Lawd it’s hot, I feel like I’ve been pickin’ cotton and shuckin’ corn” while hailing a basket full of laundry up two flights of stairs immediately followed by my bellowing laughter, we knew the connection of a lifelong friendship had begun. Fast forward a decade later we have transformed in so many ways; relationships and dating, moving, kids, college, marriage, Faith, careers, entrepreneurship and so much more.  We invite you into our evolving world as we follow Christ and want to share our journey of faith, family and friendship. Our goal is to help people to Love, Nurture and Endure in everything they do!!!

Who are these girls?!?

Krystal and Christina met in 2008 in Houston, Texas as college roommates. Their friendship started pretty quickly and the two hit it off in everything they did. The two ladies are polar opposites but have been blessed to have a beautiful friendship for a decade. Krystal is very organized while Christina likes to live life off of a whim. Krystal is very regal and traditional  while Christina enjoys bold statements and daring tasks. Krystal is single and enjoying the courting life while Christina is married with 2 kids. Even though their lives are different they find a way to enjoy life, prosper their business and increase their faith through constant positivity . Their goal is to help people to love each other as they themselves, be nurturing to their body souls and minds and to help endure and overcome life’s roadblocks through the word of Christ.