8. Crabs in a bucket


Watching other people’s success isn’t always the easiest thing to do in our culture. After you have worked hard and it seems like you are going no where and everyone around you is thriving it can be hard to hold back feelings of jealously or defeat. Krystal and Christina discuss the importance of uplifting and encouraging one another in this Christian walk and how to overcome feelings of failure.

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6. You made a fool of me

Deception, cheating and mistreatment. LNE podcast hosts Krystal and Christina discuss being cheated on while in serious and/or committed relationships and the effects it had on them mentally and spiritually.


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Teri (Vanessa Williams) attacks Miles (Michael Beach) with a knife after she reveals that she knows he slept with her cousin, Faith (Gina Ravera).

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1. Company You Keep

Krystal and Christina discuss the importance of monitoring who you allow in your life and the effects it can have if you are not cautious. Krystal shares a personal testimony about letting a stranger into her life and how it created turmoil in her friendship with Christina, her family, and her career. 

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