Chill Mode

A typical day consists of me waking up at 6:00 AM, leaving the house by 7:15 AM to make it work on time in Houston traffic. Work from 8:00 AM and get off of work at 4:30PM. Drive home to change make it to gym by 6:00 PM. Leave the gym around 8:00 PM, get home and try to find something healthy to eat. Take a shower, work on material for the LNE Show (edit audio, pictures, write a blog etc.). To close out the night I will straighten the house up a bit, pack my lunch for the next day, and tame my hair so that its presentable when I wake up. After all of this I make it to bed around   11:30 PM if I am lucky.

Anyone else been there?

After a whole week of ripping and running I typically get a invites to have dinner with friends or hangout on the weekends. To be honest sometimes I just don’t feel like getting “snatched”, there are times when I  want to look cute without having to put on Spanx, tons of make-up, high heels or do my hair. 

Here I used simple pieces that give me the “put together” look without causing extreme discomfort and didn’t break the bank.

I have on a pair of jeans and a faux leather jacket from Forever 21. My tennis shoes came from Boohoo (they were on sale online for $15.00—winning). I put on some simple accessories that can be purchased anywhere, the watch and bracelets were less than $8.00, they were purchased through Alixpress. All together this outfit cost me about $65.00 (Not bad for sturdy pieces that you can switch up to make new outfits). 

Find the look:


Faux Leather Jacket



All Hats Are Off

I love all black everything, who doesn’t have black in their wardrobe.  Sometimes you may want to kick it up a notch and add a little “salt bae” in your life.  Here I took your typical all black skinnies and top and paired it with some black booties, a cheap tan coat and threw on a hat (why not).  You can add small accessories without over doing it.  Throw on some hoop earrings (my favorite), pull back a slick pony and there you go!!!

Shop the look or similar at:
Jeans HERE


These Boots Are Made For Walking

There is nothing like a nice pointed over the knee boot to get in you in  “dress up mode”.  I have always had a knack for finding cute items and trying to make it look expensive lol. A lot of my ideas come from Pintrest. I find styles and looks that I like and then go out and try to find inexpensive replicas.

To achieve this look I took light pink ruffle sweater I found a local store here in Houston called Trend Mall; it cost me roughly $20.00 and paired it with a inexpensive black pencil skirt I had tucked away in my closet. To add that winter “warm look” I put on a pair of camel colored over the knee boots I purchased on a clearance rack about 3 or 4 years ago. I never really had a chance to wear these boots until now because I didn’t know what to do with them. They were really a treasure hidden in the depths of my closet lol. 

Overall, you could pull this look off and still come in under a $100.00 if you take your time and find sales. Don’t rush at the first thing you see ladies, take your time and shop around a bit. Trends and hot fads for the “moment” die down and later you are stuck with clothes that no one is wearing anymore. (We all know that’s the worst…smh). The key to shopping getting timeless pieces that you can wear season after season.

Happy Shopping Ladies

Find The Look:

Pencil Skirt Here or Here

Boots Here or Here

Ruffle Sweater Here or Here


Mauve Moments In Winter

What do you do with all the crop tops and skirts you’ve accumulated over the summer but now its too cold to wear them? To heck with it, throw on some stockings and call it “Hello December!!!” We find that putting stockings underneath shorter (not so holy) items makes them Jesus approved!!! YES!!! Just Kidding…:) But don’t store those skirts and cropped tops just yet. Here, Christina has paired a striped circle skirt with traditional black stockings and a cropped quarter sleeve sweater. To finish it off she added some closed toed mauve shoes that wrap around the ankle. And whooooooo’s shoes were only $9? (^o^) *crickets* OH YEA, ain’t nobody got time for high dolla, wear only once, my feet need an Epsom salt soak type of shoe *blows raspberry*. We are ALL about the bargains here, trust and believe. This look is great for church, meeting parents for the first time or a Sunday brunch with your girls. You can change up the look and go more daring with fish net/embellished stockings or pair it with a long sleeve bodysuit, the choices are numerous! Love you guys! New fashion post coming soon!
~Krystal and Christina~

Mauve and White Circle Skirt – Bought at Ross
Similar HERE and HERE
Cropped Black Sweater- Bought at Target Years ago lol
Similar HERE and HERE
Mauve Heels – Just In Fashions
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