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A typical day consists of me waking up at 6:00 AM, leaving the house by 7:15 AM to make it work on time in Houston traffic. Work from 8:00 AM and get off of work at 4:30PM. Drive home to change make it to gym by 6:00 PM. Leave the gym around 8:00 PM, get home and try to find something healthy to eat. Take a shower, work on material for the LNE Show (edit audio, pictures, write a blog etc.). To close out the night I will straighten the house up a bit, pack my lunch for the next day, and tame my hair so that its presentable when I wake up. After all of this I make it to bed around   11:30 PM if I am lucky.

Anyone else been there?

After a whole week of ripping and running I typically get a invites to have dinner with friends or hangout on the weekends. To be honest sometimes I just don’t feel like getting “snatched”, there are times when I  want to look cute without having to put on Spanx, tons of make-up, high heels or do my hair. 

Here I used simple pieces that give me the “put together” look without causing extreme discomfort and didn’t break the bank.

I have on a pair of jeans and a faux leather jacket from Forever 21. My tennis shoes came from Boohoo (they were on sale online for $15.00—winning). I put on some simple accessories that can be purchased anywhere, the watch and bracelets were less than $8.00, they were purchased through Alixpress. All together this outfit cost me about $65.00 (Not bad for sturdy pieces that you can switch up to make new outfits). 

Find the look:


Faux Leather Jacket



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