Episode_035 Bad things that happen to good people

Ever wonder why you or someone you know experienced “hell on earth” even though they didn’t deserve it? Children born with cancer, mothers who have miscarriages, innocent people who get raped… these are all situations that are unfair and can cause extreme pain mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes God does not give us an answer as to why we endured a painful situation but through his power we typically come out stronger in the end. Check out some of the “unfair” and painful situations Krystal and Christina have endured and how God brought them out.

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Episode_034 Common Sense: Do You Have Any?

What’s seems “common” is not always common to people we know. It’s amazing how people get lessons from God everyday and fail to soak in what he has been trying to teach them. Take a few seconds to look back over your life and reflect on how many times God placed you in the same type of situation for you to learn something… did you chuckle? Check out this week’s episode as we dig into some of the lessons we have had to repeat and the common knowledge we learned.

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Don’t Get It Twisted: Knowing Your Real Purpose

2018 has brought on a lot of excitement, people are inspired to start new business ventures, workout routines, marriages, vacation planning, financial planning….. you name it and someone has planned for it.  I personally think that it is good to have ambition and drive to become a more affluent, but sometimes I think we have lost our real purpose in the mix of trying to gain more.

I know this is going to sound harsh or maybe even hurt some feelings but our whole purpose on earth is not to “start a business or get more money”; our purpose on this earth is to bring more people to Christ. THAT’S IT.  God created you to reach people and share how he has transformed our minds, hearts and spirits.  Don’t get me wrong, God blesses us with material things to make life a bit more comfortable for us, he is that generous. He doesn’t have to give us any thing but he does ( a little sweet with the bitter). 

Our joy should come from our connection to him and his goodness, not a connected to his blessings.

  1. What Do Your Actions Say About You?
  • When people interact with you do they see Christ? Do they see that you were sent her to bring them closer to the kingdom? 

I struggled with this for a long time, I would say that I loved God but I would turn around and cuss someone out like it was no tomorrow. Every other word out of my mouth was a curse word, I mean I had NO filter. I had to ask God to help me with this and he did. It took some time and practice but he stepped in when I gave my best shot.  I remember one time Christina and I created a “swear jar” where we would hold each other accountable for cursing….lol. I laugh because we struggled with keeping up with it but now anytime I get ready to fix my lips to curse I either stop myself or quickly correct the word and apologize for letting it come out of my mouth. Cursing is embarrassing for me now.

2. Are You Giving People Room To Doubt God?

  • Are you “wishy washy”? You know what I mean, you say you love the Lord but you have a different man or women at your house all the time. Or you are always getting “wasted” but turn around and post a bible verse on your Instagram page. To people who are truly lost you are sending mixed signals, to them they have no reason to serve the God you serve.

You know I am not going to talk about something I haven’t done.  I remember I used to serve on the meet and greet ministry at my church and I would turn around and go straight to happy hour with my friends right after service. Don’t judge me, I was trying to find my way.  I found myself serving in church but still doing things that I knew was wrong.  I would go to happy hour through out the week with my co-workers but invite them to my church for events and functions (smh)… I wondered why they never came… now I know.  I wasn’t setting an example for them, why on earth would they follow a hypocrite?

Take some time to reflect on the things that trip you up and keep you from being the example God needs you to be. Maybe your hangups aren’t public but they are things you struggle with in private… you know what I am talking about….(side eye)

Any who I love you all and I pray that it was as insightful to you as it was to me.


Mauve Moments In Winter

What do you do with all the crop tops and skirts you’ve accumulated over the summer but now its too cold to wear them? To heck with it, throw on some stockings and call it “Hello December!!!” We find that putting stockings underneath shorter (not so holy) items makes them Jesus approved!!! YES!!! Just Kidding…:) But don’t store those skirts and cropped tops just yet. Here, Christina has paired a striped circle skirt with traditional black stockings and a cropped quarter sleeve sweater. To finish it off she added some closed toed mauve shoes that wrap around the ankle. And whooooooo’s shoes were only $9? (^o^) *crickets* OH YEA, ain’t nobody got time for high dolla, wear only once, my feet need an Epsom salt soak type of shoe *blows raspberry*. We are ALL about the bargains here, trust and believe. This look is great for church, meeting parents for the first time or a Sunday brunch with your girls. You can change up the look and go more daring with fish net/embellished stockings or pair it with a long sleeve bodysuit, the choices are numerous! Love you guys! New fashion post coming soon!
~Krystal and Christina~

Mauve and White Circle Skirt – Bought at Ross
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Cropped Black Sweater- Bought at Target Years ago lol
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Mauve Heels – Just In Fashions
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Memories Of A Haunted Christmas

I was a little hesitant about writing this post but I am going to go ahead and share it. This morning I spent time with the Lord, did some journaling, and I broke down crying because I was reflecting on where I was this time last year.

This time last year was one of the lowest moments of my life. I had no money, no food, had an eviction notice that was laying on my kitchen counter, and had a car in the parking garage that had a note that was 70 days past due. I was four classes away from finishing graduate school but I had to sit out because I had failed a class and I didn’t have the money to pay to retake it.  ALL my relationships (family, friends, etc.) were in a bind and to be frank I really didn’t see the purpose of living anymore.  Yes, I was on the verge of committing suicide.

I had never been so low in my life. Nothing was working for me, I couldn’t get a job, all of the charities and places that help were out of funds for the fiscal year. I had called over 30 places in Houston to help me keep my lights on and to help pay my rent for the month but no one had it.  To make matters worse Christmas was a day away and I had NOTHING to take to my family, I barely had enough gas in car to make to their homes.

Last year was the first year I had to walk into my family’s homes gift less, food less, hopeless, depressed, embarrassed, and broken.  I was so ashamed and afraid; I was the daughter, niece, grandchild that usually had her life in order but not last year.  I remember going to my mom’s house and I was too embarrassed to even eat because I didn’t feel like I was worthy enough. I remember my mom grabbing me and holding me in her arms as I bawled for 20 mins straight. It was the worst feeling in the world to be in front of my mom and have nothing to offer her but tears and guilt.

(Picture from last year)

No one in my family judged me or said anything to bring up my dim situation but I could feel their “worry” for me.  No one asked, “are you okay?”, they just gave me reassuring hugs and subtly slipped money in my purse when I wasn’t around. No matter what I had or “didn’t have”, my family never made me feel less than. (That was a pure blessing).

Not sure why God wanted me to write this or share this but I decided that I was going to be obedient. I asked him why he wanted me to share such a humiliating moment of my life with the world and he told me that it wasn’t for me, it was for him.

I don’t know who this is for or who has been through something remotely similar but I am here to tell you everything is going to be okay, I promise.

Right now, it looks dim and your trying to figure out how you are going to make it until tomorrow but I am here to tell you that God sees you, he hears you, and he is not going to let you go. Everything you are feeling right now is to make you a stronger fighter! After this you will be able to with stand just about anything that comes your way.

This morning I was able to get up and write this so you know what that means? I am alive and doing well today, I made it! Despite all the hell I went through, I made it!  God kept me. My bills are all paid up, I kept my car, I kept my home, I now have an amazing job, I graduated with my master’s degree a couple of months ago, not only am I on my feet but I’m running.  If he did it for me, he is going to do it for you.

Remember, after every storm comes a rainbow.

I love you and most importantly God loves you.