These Boots Are Made For Walking

There is nothing like a nice pointed over the knee boot to get in you in  “dress up mode”.  I have always had a knack for finding cute items and trying to make it look expensive lol. A lot of my ideas come from Pintrest. I find styles and looks that I like and then go out and try to find inexpensive replicas.

To achieve this look I took light pink ruffle sweater I found a local store here in Houston called Trend Mall; it cost me roughly $20.00 and paired it with a inexpensive black pencil skirt I had tucked away in my closet. To add that winter “warm look” I put on a pair of camel colored over the knee boots I purchased on a clearance rack about 3 or 4 years ago. I never really had a chance to wear these boots until now because I didn’t know what to do with them. They were really a treasure hidden in the depths of my closet lol. 

Overall, you could pull this look off and still come in under a $100.00 if you take your time and find sales. Don’t rush at the first thing you see ladies, take your time and shop around a bit. Trends and hot fads for the “moment” die down and later you are stuck with clothes that no one is wearing anymore. (We all know that’s the worst…smh). The key to shopping getting timeless pieces that you can wear season after season.

Happy Shopping Ladies

Find The Look:

Pencil Skirt Here or Here

Boots Here or Here

Ruffle Sweater Here or Here